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Our Story

2THUMB Grip strives to make putting easier for golfers of all levels. They produce a range of ergonomically designed putter grips that aid grip alignment, help prevent grip twist and ensure an easily repeatable stroke.

Our mission is simple, we're dedicated to improving your putting.

We believe that putting is the single most important skill in golf and it's our passion. The connection point or contact area between the player and the putter of course the grip which by default makes it of critical importance, this is where our innovative and patented designs make a real difference to players of all levels. 

From our range of Classic 2THUMB grips featuring our timeless 'Original' and our TwoThumb putting methodology through to our 'Snug' technology; we are leading thinkers in putter grip innovation. 

2THUMB Grips... reduce wrist break... don't twist like more circular grips... are R&A and USGA approved. 


Our Classic range of 2THUMB Grips were invented by putting coach and golf professional Mr Phillip Gazely, Phillips passion for golf and beliefs in the TwoThumb putting technique remain part of our core values today.

Here's a chance to take a look back through our archives as Phil discusses our grips and the 2THUMB putting methodology with PGA Master Professional and world renowned coach Mr Denis Pugh.