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Denis Pugh

Master PGA Golf Professional Denis Pugh has helped many of the worlds best golfers with their short game and putting technique.


We are incredibly proud to have Denis's support when our range of Classic grips were first introduced. In fact it was this range of putter grips which led the way in oversized putter grip design.


The advice and tips given by Denis is as true and relevant today as it was back then and for this reason we want to share it with you.


An Introduction to TwoThumb by Denis Pugh


Denis explains the benefits of the unique TwoThumb design


Common putting mistakes are analysed by Denis


Denis demonstrates how best hold the TwoThumb Grip


Alternative Grip techniques are explained by Denis.


Denis explains the importance of developing 'feel' in your putting stroke.


How important is a solid set-up? Denis explains.


Denis summarises for key takeaway points from the series.